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Poetry and Short Stories

Welcome to the members poetry and short story bookshop where you can find out more about our members publications and buy their books. Take a look. With a wide variety of genres represented, there is sure to be something which will enthralling and delight. 

Rainbow Laughter by Veronica Bright

Wrong place? Wrong time? Or both? You’ve only got one life, haven’t you?

Rainbow Laughter is a collection of nine insightful and powerful short stories, all prize-winners, about ordinary people, growing and changing, searching for hope when all seems lost.

Raised from Dust by Alison Stedman

In Alison’s third collection of poetry, she takes us on a journey around the world, from the familiar sight of a homeless man on the streets to the wonders of Asian countryside and culture. With sentiments echoing Ecclesiastes, she mourns the transient nature of our lives and all we see around us. She then flips the coin and explores birth and rebirth, leading to a hope that transcends our temporal existence here on earth.

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Joanna by Anne E. Thompson

Your family helps to shape who you are, whatever that family might look like. JOANNA is the story of a family struggling to cope with what it means to have a psychopath amongst them. 

Written after months researching the disorder, JOANNA is an exciting novel, written partly in the first person. The reader sees the world through Joanna’s eyes, they see what motivates her, how she thinks, what she feels.  (Be careful though, she might lie to you). The story also shows the impact of Joanna on those who love her. The story explores how God can work in even the most extreme of situations, what it means to love, and, more importantly, to forgive.

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Meeting Jesus by Howard Webber

This book is about people and their various responses on meeting with Jesus, with the joys, sorrows and disappointments experienced by the writer. Also included are his own failings, hesitations and uncertainties. 

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From Light to dark and Back Again by Allison Symes

A collection of very short stories to suit every mood.

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Cloud Paintings

by Veronica Bright

An uplifing celebration of perseverance and courage in the face of adversity

Douglas sees the world from a wheelchair, and he hates it.

Thomas has always resented being an unwanted child.

Fiona walks a tightrope in her new life.

And who is the woman who takes her children to visit their father in prison?

Prize-winning short stories. People battling with life.

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A Gift from the Horse Chestnut Tree

by Veronica Bright

Children. They don’t always have an easy life.

Susan is caught up in her mother’s grief.

Jessica has been very ill, and now she has another problem.

A fourteen-year-old inner-city boy goes on holiday for the first time.

Seven uplifting short stories to challenge your perception of childhood, and each one a prize-winner.

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The Little House in Heaven By Kathleen Watson

What is in the secret place up the attic staircase? When 8 year old Melissa goes exploring, she finds herself stepping into the pages of a book of Bible stories. At the House on the Rock she meets Jesus, who takes Melissa to her very own little house.

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A Flash in The Pen: Short Stories from Authors Electric

Contributing  Author Wendy H. Jones

Short, sharp shocks can be fun - and here's the proof in the form of a new anthology from the Authors Electric blogging collective. Gathered here are 29 electrifying short stories covering a wide range of genres - whether it's action, murder, romance, comedy, satire, fantasy or the supernatural that turns you on, A Flash in the Pen has something for everyone and is guaranteed to give you a buzz.

Publication Date 21st June 2015. Click on the image to preorder

Crooked Holster: An Anthology of Crime and Thriller Writing

Contributing Author Wendy H. Jones

A fascinating exploration of the ingredients of crime fiction, Crooked Holster introduces the reader to victims, perpetrators and law enforcers, reminding us that crime is everywhere.

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Poems in The Secret Garden by Ros Hayes

A small volume of devotional poems to help you express worship to God when your own words run out.

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Sailing in Deep Waters by Ros Bayes

These short chapters are a collection of blog posts written over a period of about 18 months. They chart different aspects of my journey with God, and the ways in which I have discovered Him during a difficult time in my life.

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Love and Off The Beaten Track  by F. Linday

Love - Short story about the issues and heartbreak surrounding miscarriage 

Off the Beaten Track - Short story raising awareness of child abuse

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Jamie Tales                  by Marian Bythell

Four new Jamie Tales, written in rhyme. As usual, Jamie is spilling over with energy and fun.
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The Heavenly Road Trip by Fiona Linday

A mini collection of hopeful short stories, dealing with life's journey and important decisions made on the way.

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The Eye of the Beholder by M. A. Lucas

Ten short stories, each based on a famous painting.

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