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Historical Fiction

Welcome to the bookshop where you can find out more about our members publications and buy their books. There are a wide variety of genres represented so it is well worth browsing and discovering some great authors and fabulous new books 

The Lost Family of Jesus by Barbara Pye and William Fuessli

Many people are intrigued by the fact that Mary and Joseph had at least six children other than Jesus. Where are their descendants now? This story imagines Jesus's life with His family, as told by one brother and one sister.

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Fearful Symmetry by Claire Dunn

Guy Hilliard is dead, but the legacy of his deceit remains. Emma - newly married to Matthew Lynes - is finding it difficult to shed the guilt she feels for her part in the accident that killed him. She has not only lost her position at Howard's Lake college, but her academic credentials have been called into question, threatening her career. And if that wasn't enough, Ellie, Matthew's great-granddaughter, holds Emma responsible for Guy's death and has news that will leave the family reeling. The dramatic conclusion to The Secret of the Journal series.

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Ironside by Heather Flack

In 1013 the Danes invade England.  King Aethelred is old and ill-counselled.  Can his son Edmund prove a better king and drive the Danes out?  In the ensuing struggle, many good men will die and Edmund will earn the nickname Ironside.

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Realm Of Darkness by CF Dunn

In the fourth book of The Secret Of The Journal series, historian Emma D'Eresby has done everything she can to put the past behind her. Now she has every reason to look forward to a future with Dr. Matthew Lynes and his family in the beautiful state of Maine. But, in making peace with her past, she has to face uncomfortable truths in the present. As a shadow from her undergraduate days in Cambridge threatens her happiness, history catches up with terrifying results.

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A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary by Donna Fletcher Crow

Felicity, an American woman studying for the priesthood in a monastery in Yorkshire, goes to a convent in Oxford to translate a Medieval Latin document for the sisters in spite of warnings of danger. Father Antony, her church history lecturer and fiancé, warns Felicity not to get into trouble, but it's hardly her fault that severed body parts start showing up in ancient holy reliquaries. Or that Felicity and one of the nuns are assaulted. 

The exultation of All Saints' Day plunges to the anguish of grief on All Souls' when Felicity encounters yet another body. Who will be the next victim of the murderer stalking the shadows of Oxford's hallowed shrines?

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The Jazz Files by Fiona Veitch Smith

Set in 1920, The Jazz Files introduces aspiring journalist Poppy Denby, who arrives in London to look after her ailing Aunt Dot, an infamous suffragette. Dot encourages Poppy to apply for a job at The Daily Globe, but on her first day a senior reporter is killed and Poppy is tasked with finishing his story. It involves the mysterious death of a suffragette seven years earlier, about which some powerful people would prefer that nothing be said.

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The Comet's Tale by Michele Morrison

Join Jamie, an ordinary kid,  as he finds himself jumping through time to do battle with an evil empire and save his family from their clutches while safeguarding the future of mankind. 

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The making of Swallows and Amazons by Sophie Neville

In 1973, Sophie Neville was cast as Titty alongside Virginia McKenna, Ronald Fraser and Suzanna Hamilton in the movie ‘Swallows & Amazons’. 

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Love and Off The Beaten Track  by F. Linday

Love - Short story about the issues and heartbreak surrounding miscarriage 

Off the Beaten Track - Short story raising awareness of child abuse

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A Shed in a Cucumber Field by Sue Russell

Two sisters. One secret. Broken lives. Bel and Vic haven't spoken for twenty eight years. Thrown together by circumstance, they face painful truths. Can they accept and forgive? Can the past be healed?

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Come, Stay, Celebrate by Judith Gallium Pex

The story of the Shelter Hostel in Eilat, Israel

Available now.

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Being Miss by Fran Hill

A hilarious look at a day in the life of a harassed school teacher. 

Now available for the first time in Paperback

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The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams

Fiona Harper 

Could you help another woman propose to the man you’re falling in love with? 

Available now!

Buddhism in the Light of Christ

by Esther Baker

A Former Buddhist Nun’s Reflections, with Some Helpful Suggestions on How to Reach Out to Your Buddhist Friends.

Available Now!

The End of the World and what Jesus has to say about it  by Michele Neal

In her new book about the end times, Michele Neal addresses the serious reality that the destiny of half-hearted Christians is in jeopardy.

Thought for the Day  by Julie Loxley

A collection of short, often humorous 'thoughts for the day' first Broadcast on BBC Radio Bristol. Available from Amazon now!

Billy and Ben on the Farm  by Marian Bythell

Marian's new children's book - her first in colour - is three illustrated short stories about the naughty twins Billy and Ben. Available from Amazon now!

Baby, Baby                  by Mari Howard

Shortlisted for the People's Book Prize, Baby, Baby is a story of the domestic-scale conflict of subcultures in our society. Vote for Baby, Baby by clicking here!

Death be Not Proud     by C.F. Dunn

The sequel to the highly regarded Mortal Fire and the second in the trilogy The Secret of the Journal

Available on Amazon now!

Jamie Tales                  by Marian Bythell

Four new Jamie Tales, written in rhyme. As usual, Jamie is spilling over with energy and fun.
More information available here

Dimensions of the Spirit by Eric Middleton

First-hand encounters and experiences of healing in the Holy Spirit, with new insights from post-modern science.

Available from Amazon or IVP

The Heavenly Road Trip by Fiona Linday

A mini collection of hopeful short stories, dealing with life's journey and important decisions made on the way.

Available on Amazon & iTunes

Come on Church! Wake up! by Michele Neal

Through a retelling of a painful personal experience, Michele Neal exhorts us to examine our lives and make ourselves ready for Jesus' return.

Available on Amazon now!

A Christmas Letter         by Fiona Harper

Fiona’s 15th book is part of a trilogy about three sisters, three letters and one scheming grandmother who’s determined to make her girls remember the magic of Christmas!

Kiss me under the mistletoe by Fiona Harper

Fiona’s first longer novel is about a WAG who suddenly finds herself husbandless. Can the diary of a Fifties movie star help her work out who to be next?

It's just you and me, Lord by Marion Stroud

Everyday prayers for a woman's life.

Available on Amazon.

Why Religions Work    by Eleanor Stoneham

A free-thinking scientific Christian author rebukes militant atheists, defends all religions and offers refreshingly new ideas for building religious tolerance. Available to pre-order from Amazon now!

Inside Grief  by Kathy (O'Brien) Laity

Providing hope and help for the grieving and those who care for them. Now into its second edition.

Available on Amazon now!

Marriages of Destiny   by Philip & Kathy Laity

Written for single Christians who desire to be married. An encouraging and humorous book.

Available on Amazon now!

Walking with Gospel Women by Fiona Stratta

refreshing and inspiring way into Bible study, using meditative monologues based around many of the women of the gospels.

David and the Giant by Fiona Veitch Smith

Fiona's 3rd book in the Young David picture book series is available from Christian bookshops, Amazon & Crafty Publishing.

The Eye of the Beholder by M. A. Lucas

Ten short stories, each based on a famous painting.

Available on Amazon now!

Shaping the Heart           by Pamela Evans

Reflections on spiritual formation and fruitfulness.

Available on paperback from Amazon and

Mortal Fire                      by Claire Dunn

Claire's highly-praised debut novel, published by Lion, is an absorbing thriller and the first in a series. It is available in paperback and on Kindle now. A sample can be read at

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A Sunny Day by Wendy Sparkes

Journeying with Abraham by Joe Lenton

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