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Welcome to the Fantasy bookshop where you can find out more about our members publications and buy their books. It is well worth browsing and discovering some great authors and fabulous new books 

Destiny's Rebel 

by Philip S. Davies

Kat is seventeen and dreading becoming Queen. She runs away, but can she escape her destiny?
Enter a world of fantasy adventure, with castles and kingdoms, swords and sailing ships, in a book shortlisted for the Crystal Kite Award from the international Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.
Available in paperback and on Kindle, with the sequel, Destiny's Revenge, releasing in September 2016.

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Volcania: Thou is Holy

by L. J. Fuller

An old adversary continues to decieve Earth and Volcania, a spiritual realm. Meanwhile, Salarn is seeking her own salvation and embarks upon her journey, along the way she meets the Holy One. Together, they plan a counter-attack, attempting to save many souls from perpetual darkness. 

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The Wrendian Absolution

by Colin B. Leonard

Do you believe in vigilantism? In those who reap vengeance upon the many who hunt with evil intent? This is the tale of the Wrendian – A beautiful person with a beautiful soul who lives, works and loves amongst us. The unwavering narrative follows him through four generations of the Connor family. 

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The Wrendian Red Corn by Colin B. Leonard

In the year 1874 Hofea's crops were replaced by dust. Sweat and tears had flowed to no avail, but when a child's blood flowed the town thrived. Yet prosperity has a price so every ten years hand-picked members of Hofea ensured that price was paid.

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Ultimate Justice by Trevor Stubbs

 In Ultimate Justice, the second in the 'White Gates Adventure' series, rejoin Jack and Jalli, Momori and Matilda from Trevor Stubbs' first novel The Kicking Tree. Meet their children growing up on Planet Joh as they once again travel the universe to previously undiscovered worlds through the white gates the Creator provides for them.

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The Kicking Tree by Trevor Stubbs

The Kicking Tree is a work of fantasy fiction that also addresses issues of cross-culture relationships and religious faith. It will appeal to readers aged 14+ who enjoy romance, fantasy and adventure tales.

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The Comet's Tale by Michele Morrison

Join Jamie, an ordinary kid,  as he finds himself jumping through time to do battle with an evil empire and save his family from their clutches while safeguarding the future of mankind. 

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