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Welcome to the bookshop where you can find out more about our members publications and buy their books. There are a wide variety of genres represented so it is well worth browsing and discovering some great authors and fabulous new books 

Raised from Dust by Alison Stedman

In Alison’s third collection of poetry, she takes us on a journey around the world, from the familiar sight of a homeless man on the streets to the wonders of Asian countryside and culture. With sentiments echoing Ecclesiastes, she mourns the transient nature of our lives and all we see around us. She then flips the coin and explores birth and rebirth, leading to a hope that transcends our temporal existence here on earth.

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The Chronicles of the Box by Peppy Ulyett

The effects of past abuse threatened to blow the lid off the box of Peppy’s life…

So honest, so uncompromising, so well-written … Peppy has been obedient to God in writing her book, but the stumbling and the slipping and the getting up again and her sheer persistence all bear witness to the cost of doing what she is told.

Adrian Plass, best-selling author and speaker

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Off to the Fair with Billy and Ben by Marian Bythell

Everybody is excited. It is the day of Monkhamstead Village Fair and no one wants to miss a thing. Billy and Ben can hardly wait. They are always full of fun, and what could be better than a fair! This is the third entertaining and beautifully illustrated book featuring the adventures of twins, Billy and Ben.

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Angels of the NHS by Marion Andrews

Joy had wanted to be a Nurse since she was 7. Now, faced with the reality of life as a Student Nurse in London, in the 60’s, she is less sure.

The author asks you to accompany her on her journey; fictitious, yet based on her experience. Smile as she describes the highs and lows of hospital Life. Hear patient stories; meet her new friends; are the tales of strict Ward Sisters and fierce Consultants true? Above all feel the beating pulse of the NHS, in the latter days of the time when Matron reigned supreme.

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Joanna by Anne E. Thompson

Your family helps to shape who you are, whatever that family might look like. JOANNA is the story of a family struggling to cope with what it means to have a psychopath amongst them. 

Written after months researching the disorder, JOANNA is an exciting novel, written partly in the first person. The reader sees the world through Joanna’s eyes, they see what motivates her, how she thinks, what she feels.  (Be careful though, she might lie to you). The story also shows the impact of Joanna on those who love her. The story explores how God can work in even the most extreme of situations, what it means to love, and, more importantly, to forgive.

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False Fire by Veronica Heley

 FALSE  FIRE starts with thirteen people for a dinner party which ends in multiple deaths – oh, and a teddy bear who becomes a Very Important Person in the lives of two poor little rich girls. Bernice and Alicia may be heiresses but money can’t buy the love that these two ten-year old girls need. Bea Abbot investigates. This is the 11th  Bea Abbot story.   

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What if I go by Polly White

Grace Negrescu is a Romanian teenager dreaming of UK streets paved with gold. Zul Mohammad is the savvy bad-boy from Birmingham who saw her coming. At first, she craves independence. Then money. Then love. What she gets is a rough deal.

While she figures out what she actually needs in an unfamiliar city, she spirals towards abuse. Amidst a cocktail of toxic sweeteners, her instinct is never to give up but a new friend recommends that she run. Only her diary knows everything. What if she goes?


Bewildered, she considers the tortuous case presented by Detective Inspector Stretton. By dropping superstitions, she could believe in a worker at the Centre called Joe, telling her about deserving justice. Hopefully, she can reclaim her identity and switch to the right path... Until Grace discovers how to trust again, what are the chances?


Despite these complications, all she needs is faith.

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God's Kaleidoscope by George Falconer

My name is George Falconer and I am a member of the International Mission Society operation Mobilisation.  I did not plan on joining it, I had a very different plan, but in his providence, God has brought me here.  My book, "God's Kaleidoscope" is my story on how God has directed my life thus far. I hope that it will be helpful to others, and may be an inspiration.

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Seeking Solace by Joy Lenton

A personal story and a universal poetic journey of discovering grace in life's hard places by exploring aspects of love, life, loss and faith and tracing God's hand in them all. It is raw and real, transparent and true, with grittiness and grace combined together to help draw the reader into an encounter with the One who sustains, strengthens, delivers, heals and frees us as we place our faith and trust in Him.

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Double Trouble by Marian Bythell

One Sunday the snow is so deep in the lane that even the tractor can't get through. It looks as though Billy and Ben will have to miss church. Instead they help Dad to collect firewood and then they sit round the farmhouse fire while Grandma reads to them from her Bible. She tells them the story of Mary and Joseph's arrival in Bethlehem when there was no room for them at the inn and Jesus had to be born in a humble stable. Suddenly there is a knock at the door of Honeysuckle Farm and when Dad opens the door they see an old man shivering in the yard.

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Hidden Faces by Anne E Thompson

Set in a small English infant school, one of the main characters, Esther, is married to a clergyman. It tells the tale that many minister’s wives would love to be free to tell. We see Esther struggling with a teaching job, young children, and being a central figure in a church. Every Christian will relate to the dilemma of balancing church and family life. Hidden Faces is an easy read novel with appeal across a wide age range, and has been enjoyed by both Christians and those who never attend church.

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Killer's Crew by Wendy H. Jones

A man found hanging by the neck until dead A ship with a historic past A killer with a deadly personal quest DI Shona McKenzie is anticipating a peaceful Scottish summer when a hanging thrusts her into the midst of a fatal chase. As the body count mounts unravelling the difference between reality and fantasy is a deadly challenge. Shona and her team will need to use every trick in their arsenal to solve the puzzle and bring a killer to justice. Will they do it before more innocent victims die?

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Still Emily by Emily Owen

Emily Owen was a multi talented teenager with the world at her feet. Highly intelligent, athletic and a gifted musician, she was destined to excel in whichever field she chose to pursue. 

At the age of 16, Emily was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2) and less than a month later, she was in hospital and fighting for her life. 

Over the coming years, NF2 would steal her education, her smile, her hearing, her ability to walk. With her life plans in ruins, Emily struggled to find meaning and identity. 

Good things in her life weren't good any more. Because they were no longer there. 

With gentle humour and heart-breaking honesty, Emily shares her story. Slowly and painfully, she discovers value in new places, seeing the rainbows in the silence.

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30 Days With Elijah by Emily Owen

Based on 'Elijah's diary' this thirty-day journey into the biblical book of Elijah gives you thought-provoking points to ponder, prayers and questions for the private or group consideration. 

You are encouraged to look at Christ and your everyday life from Elijah's perspective - as though in his daily diary entries, and to ask meaningful questions of yourself.

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A Gift from the Horse Chestnut Tree

by Veronica Bright

Children. They don’t always have an easy life.

Susan is caught up in her mother’s grief.

Jessica has been very ill, and now she has another problem.

A fourteen-year-old inner-city boy goes on holiday for the first time.

Seven uplifting short stories to challenge your perception of childhood, and each one a prize-winner.

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The Dagger's Curse by Wendy H. Jones

An ancient Egyptian dagger. 

A hungry curse. 

A city under siege. 

In the dead of night the ancient dagger is stolen from the museum in Dundee. As mysterious accidents, illness and even death stalk the city, the Detective Duo, Fergus Bernstein and Flora MacDonald, follow clues that lead them into ever increasing danger. Can they find the dagger and break the curse before it’s too late? 

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Please Adopt Me by Lynne Pardoe

Sometimes working with other people's problems can bring you face to face with your own. Social Worker Louise Kimber takes a six month sabbatical working on a Scottish island to help get over the end of a relationship. The setting works its magic and Louise does some excellent work in mental health and child protection, but its her work with twelve year old Ellie that really stands out. 

Ellie has already been rejected by her mother and is about to loose her beloved Nan. Louise works with her and helps bring about a surprising change in the young woman's life. But Lou still feels her emotional life is in tatters, yet it's Ellie who despite her age, who has the wisdom to help Lou turn her life around.

This is an emotional novel about two women's search for a new life.

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The Silencer by Paul Alkazraji

Jude Kilburn and his wife Alex have moved from London to Albania to grow the church, in particular by publishing a keen biography of a local hard-man turned Christian. But a clandestine group has made it their mission to stop this work… The Christians sense danger, but the list of potential enemies is long: unreformed ex-paramilitaries, nationalists, mobsters. How and by whom will the cycle of violence and revenge be foiled?

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Joseph and The Rainbow Robe by Fiona Veitch Smith

In the first book of the Young Joseph series, we find Joseph living in Canaan with his dad, stepmothers, eleven brothers - and lots of scene-stealing cows! Joseph is his father's favourite, which makes his brothers very cross, especially when he tells them about the dream he has had in which the sun, moon and eleven stars bow down to him. To cheer him up, Joseph's dad gives him a beautiful coat of many colours - a 'rainbow robe' to remind him that God loves everyone - even his brothers.

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Joseph and The Lying Lady by Fiona Veitch Smith

In the third book in the series, Joseph finds himself in Egypt and is sold to a very important man called Potiphar. Potiphar is very busy and his servants are very lazy - as a result his house is a mess! With the help of his ever-helpful cow companions, Joseph soon takes charge and has things spick-and-span in no time. There's only one problem - and that is Mrs Potiphar, who is jealous of Joseph. What scrapes will Joseph get into next?

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Alpha Male by Sheila Donald

A romance based around an Alpha Course. Craig, is a local journalist and has a reputation as a womaniser. Amy, is a rather shy but stunning blonde and member of St James choir and 20's and 30's group. They are attracted to each other straightaway but their differences cause some friction in the relationship. They are eventually drawn together through tragic circumstances.

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An Iron Yoke 

by Sue Russell

The peace of a quiet country town is shattered by the brutal murder of a disabled woman. What secrets did she hold, and why would anyone want her dead? As suspicions mount and relationships unravel, the past casts a long shadow that will touch everyone involved. Can anything be salvaged from the tangle of madness, guilt and neglect?

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Destiny and Dynasty 

by Nick White 

'I have a message for you from God...' 
That's what they told Mike Sumner. 
And who wouldn't want to know their destiny? Who wouldn't want to discover the secrets of love? 
To Mike Sumner, Naomi Ravenscroft is love personified. Beautiful. Enigmatic. As cold as a snowflake. 
To win her love Mike must perform three strange and wild tasks. Can a haunting curse from the lips of a fortune-teller really be stronger than true love? 
And who – or what – is watching everything? 

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David and the Hairy Beast 

by Fiona Veitch-Smith

David's dad gives him a very important job to do. But can the shepherd boy overcome his fear of the Hairy Beast to save the flock? David and the Hairy Beast gently explores the issue of a young child's sense of identity and belonging in the family, showing how even they can make a positive contribution. It is a tale which encourages us to read between the lines of what the Bible tells us about David's early years. The light-hearted and beautifully illustrated pictures will delight parents and children alike, regardless of religious conviction.

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Cover to Cover: David A Man after God’s own Heart by Claire Musters

Old-Testament hero David was a giant-killer, worshipper and became one of Israel’s greatest kings. And yet he was also an adulterer, murderer and pretty poor parent. The Bible reveals it all to us, and there is much that we can glean from both his victories and mistakes that is useful for us today.
Please note this is a seven session study

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Corinthian spirit by Mark Lucas

A contemporary romance which unfolds in Chichester. Andy’s journey is affected by two very different women and deepens as he chooses the company that keeps. Emotions run high but does Andy have the Spirit?

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From Light to dark and Back Again by Allison Symes

A collection of very short stories to suit every mood.

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The Lost Family of Jesus by Barbara Pye and William Fuessli

Many people are intrigued by the fact that Mary and Joseph had at least six children other than Jesus. Where are their descendants now? This story imagines Jesus's life with His family, as told by one brother and one sister.

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Counting Stars by Anne E Thompson

Set in the ‘world around the corner’, Counting Stars is an exciting, easy read thriller. It is set in a time when many of the world’s problems have been solved, but what is the impact on normal people? If religion has led to wars and terrorist attacks, is it not sensible for society to ban exclusive religions? “You can believe what you want, but you cannot exclude any other belief”. How would this affect those who are determined there is only one God? 
    Based on extensive research into the likely developments to appear in the near future, Counting Stars follows the lives of one family. Can they overcome the dangers and continue to worship? 

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30 Days With John by Emily Owen

A 30-day look at 'John's diary'. 

With thought provoking points, prayers and questions for the reader, we are encouraged to look at Christ and life from his friend John's perspective and so question ourselves. Each day begins with the diary extract and is then beautifully unpacked. Encouraging, uplifting and helpful for personal growth and contemplation.

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30 Days With Mary by Emily Owen

30 Days with Mary is a gentle, thirty-day look at 'Mary's diary', with thought-provoking points, prayers and questions for the reader. 

You will be encouraged to look at Christ and life from the perspective of Mary the mother of Jesus; from her own incredible experiences as a teenager, the miraculous birth, witnessing her Son's ministry, his death and beyond, and to ask questions of yourself.

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Cloud Paintings

by Veronica Bright

An uplifing celebration of perseverance and courage in the face of adversity

Douglas sees the world from a wheelchair, and he hates it.

Thomas has always resented being an unwanted child.

Fiona walks a tightrope in her new life.

And who is the woman who takes her children to visit their father in prison?

Prize-winning short stories. People battling with life.

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Fearful Symmetry by Claire Dunn

Guy Hilliard is dead, but the legacy of his deceit remains. Emma - newly married to Matthew Lynes - is finding it difficult to shed the guilt she feels for her part in the accident that killed him. She has not only lost her position at Howard's Lake college, but her academic credentials have been called into question, threatening her career. And if that wasn't enough, Ellie, Matthew's great-granddaughter, holds Emma responsible for Guy's death and has news that will leave the family reeling. The dramatic conclusion to The Secret of the Journal series.

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Abandoned by my Mum by Lynne Pardoe

Chelsea isn’t like most people. For as long as she can remember she’s been in care, and for all sorts of reasons this hasn’t gone well. 

Desperately searching for the love she’s always craved, her life takes an even more sinister turn when she’s befriended by two men with a string of convictions for the sexual abuse of minors.

Her only hope of salvation comes in the form of someone she’s never even met. Social worker Natasha Livingston is sent on a raid of the men’s house with the police. Little by little, Tasha uses her professional skills to help Chelsea understand her life and find a way towards a happier future. It means confronting some ghosts from the past but with support that helps her come to terms with what she’s been through.

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Joseph and the Jealous Brothers by Fiona Veitch Smith

In the second book in the Young Joseph series, Joseph's brothers grow more and more jealous of their favoured brother. They come up with a cunning plan to take Joseph down a peg or two by throwing him in a well to give him a fright. Eventually they sell him to passing slave traders but that's not the end of his story!

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Finding a Place to Settle by Stephen Bishop

"Finding a place to settle"  looks at the Old Testament character of Ruth and God working in her life.  This not only resulted in her being in His plans to be one of the ancestors of King David and then of Jesus Christ, but in another important way.  She was  enabled to find her God-gifted identity.   The ways in which this was achieved are examined and applied to ourselves.  Questions follow each chapter making this material suitable for both personal reflection and small group discussion.

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Ironside by Heather Flack

In 1013 the Danes invade England.  King Aethelred is old and ill-counselled.  Can his son Edmund prove a better king and drive the Danes out?  In the ensuing struggle, many good men will die and Edmund will earn the nickname Ironside.

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Destiny's Rebel 

by Philip S. Davies

Kat is seventeen and dreading becoming Queen. She runs away, but can she escape her destiny?
Enter a world of fantasy adventure, with castles and kingdoms, swords and sailing ships, in a book shortlisted for the Crystal Kite Award from the international Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.
Available in paperback and on Kindle, with the sequel, Destiny's Revenge, releasing in September 2016.

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Volcania: Thou is Holy

by L. J. Fuller

An old adversary continues to decieve Earth and Volcania, a spiritual realm. Meanwhile, Salarn is seeking her own salvation and embarks upon her journey, along the way she meets the Holy One. Together, they plan a counter-attack, attempting to save many souls from perpetual darkness. 

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Killer's Cut by 

Wendy H. Jones

A severed human leg is found buried deep inside a Scottish wood. An arm is uncovered on Dundee’s Law Hill. Treasure hunters unearth a grizzly trophy at a Dundee beauty spot. An evil killer who has turned murder into a sport. DI Shona McKenzie is catapulted into a deadly game of human jigsaw. Only the jigsaw killer knows how many pieces there are and where they are hidden. The chase is on to catch them before another individual is dragged into this horrific game. Who will win?

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Realm Of Darkness by CF Dunn

In the fourth book of The Secret Of The Journal series, historian Emma D'Eresby has done everything she can to put the past behind her. Now she has every reason to look forward to a future with Dr. Matthew Lynes and his family in the beautiful state of Maine. But, in making peace with her past, she has to face uncomfortable truths in the present. As a shadow from her undergraduate days in Cambridge threatens her happiness, history catches up with terrifying results.

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Hunterswick Green by Iris Lloyd

Designed by handsome and predatory Michael King, the Hunterswick Green complex built in fifty acres of rolling countryside offers, if you believe the brochures, ‘a great new way of living’ to the discerning purchasers of its luxury homes.

Peter and Alison buy into the dream but Alison has the feeling she is being watched – and who is showing lights in the wood at night?

The young couple discover to their cost that perfection comes at a price and Hunterswick Green is not at all what it seems…

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Killer's Cross by 

Wendy H. Jones

Bodies with crosses carved on their chests! All left outside Dundee Churches! All members of the religious community! DI Shona McKenzie has to find the common factor linking the deaths, and catch the killer before he strikes again. Is her latest case as simple as it seems?

This book is not overtly Christian but has been written for a crossover market.

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No Longer I? by Howard Webber

“I have something I need to say before you go. You are the worst officer this corps has ever had.” Those harsh words of indictment, spoken in judgment at the end of Howard Webber’s first Salvation Army pastorate, set the tone for his compelling lessons in practical Christian discipleship woven throughout the pages of 'No Longer I?' 

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Meeting Jesus by Howard Webber

This book is about people and their various responses on meeting with Jesus, with the joys, sorrows and disappointments experienced by the writer. Also included are his own failings, hesitations and uncertainties. 

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Killer's Countdown by Wendy H. Jones

A Ruthless Killer. A Detective with something to prove. Newly promoted DI Shona McKenzie struggles to cope with her new job, the respect of her colleagues, and the need to solve the hardest case of her life. Will she succeed? 

This book is not overtly Christian but has been written for a crossover market.

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The Milkshake Detectives by Heather Butler

Explores issues blended families face and is a ‘delectable detective’ story for 7-11 year olds

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Home from Home by Roy W. Taylor

This novel tells the story of the interlinked lives of four missionaries in Taiwan in the 1970s.  Peter is wondering whether he should marry the girl he used to know back home; Rose gets heavily involved in the problems of her students; Alleyene, as an older missionary, finds it hard to sympathise with younger ones; and Arnold misses his old life in journalism back home. 

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The Wrendian Absolution

by Colin B. Leonard

Do you believe in vigilantism? In those who reap vengeance upon the many who hunt with evil intent? This is the tale of the Wrendian – A beautiful person with a beautiful soul who lives, works and loves amongst us. The unwavering narrative follows him through four generations of the Connor family. 

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A Flash in The Pen: Short Stories from Authors Electric

Contributing  Author Wendy H. Jones

Short, sharp shocks can be fun - and here's the proof in the form of a new anthology from the Authors Electric blogging collective. Gathered here are 29 electrifying short stories covering a wide range of genres - whether it's action, murder, romance, comedy, satire, fantasy or the supernatural that turns you on, A Flash in the Pen has something for everyone and is guaranteed to give you a buzz.

Publication Date 21st June 2015. Click on the image to preorder

Crooked Holster: An Anthology of Crime and Thriller Writing

Contributing Author Wendy H. Jones

A fascinating exploration of the ingredients of crime fiction, Crooked Holster introduces the reader to victims, perpetrators and law enforcers, reminding us that crime is everywhere.

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Killer's Craft by 

Wendy H. Jones

A blizzard of murders in snowbound Dundee! Dead bodies proliferate. Nuns, prostitutes, and a henpecked husband! Is anyone safe? DI Shona McKenzie investigates multiple murders, unsure how many killers she is seeking. Will she succeed before the death toll mounts?

This book is not overtly Christian but has been written for a crossover market

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The Jazz Files by Fiona Veitch Smith

Set in 1920, The Jazz Files introduces aspiring journalist Poppy Denby, who arrives in London to look after her ailing Aunt Dot, an infamous suffragette. Dot encourages Poppy to apply for a job at The Daily Globe, but on her first day a senior reporter is killed and Poppy is tasked with finishing his story. It involves the mysterious death of a suffragette seven years earlier, about which some powerful people would prefer that nothing be said.

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Us Minus Mum by Heather Butler

About a family coping when Mum is terminally ill. It’s both very funny and very sad all at the same time

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From Ireland With Love by Roy W. Taylor

Commissioned by OMF  Ireland, it tells the stories of some of the missionaries who went out from here with CIM/OMF over the past 150 years.  

It is available from the author, from OMF Ireland or from some Irish Christian bookshops.  

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Charismata by Uche Aligwekwe

Secularism and unbelief threaten today to sweep away all Christian influence in society and blind people to eternal salvation in Christ. This aggressive agenda is gaining ground everywhere: in education, politics, medicine—even marriage and family.

God would have each of us be a witness of His power in this crucial hour. Charismata: The Power and the Witness will equip you to demonstrate the presence of the Holy Spirit in your daily life. 

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The Wrendian Red Corn by Colin B. Leonard

In the year 1874 Hofea's crops were replaced by dust. Sweat and tears had flowed to no avail, but when a child's blood flowed the town thrived. Yet prosperity has a price so every ten years hand-picked members of Hofea ensured that price was paid.

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The Little House in Heaven By Kathleen Watson

What is in the secret place up the attic staircase? When 8 year old Melissa goes exploring, she finds herself stepping into the pages of a book of Bible stories. At the House on the Rock she meets Jesus, who takes Melissa to her very own little house.

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Ultimate Justice by Trevor Stubbs

 In Ultimate Justice, the second in the 'White Gates Adventure' series, rejoin Jack and Jalli, Momori and Matilda from Trevor Stubbs' first novel The Kicking Tree. Meet their children growing up on Planet Joh as they once again travel the universe to previously undiscovered worlds through the white gates the Creator provides for them.

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The Kicking Tree by Trevor Stubbs

The Kicking Tree is a work of fantasy fiction that also addresses issues of cross-culture relationships and religious faith. It will appeal to readers aged 14+ who enjoy romance, fantasy and adventure tales.

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WYSIWYG Christianity by Trevor Stubbs

This book is concerned with the ways young people in western Europe can come to know the wonders of Christianity. 

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How to Make a Victoria Sponge by Margaret Kazmierczak

Victoria Sponge is a fictional character who allows God into her life. Although tragedy and family issues constantly pull at her time and effort she is able to offer each situation up to God. Through her prayer God shows her how His Holy Week is intertwined in her daily life. How he is in everything. Victoria Sponge may be fictional but God's response is not.

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The Labyrinth Year by Mari Howard

In this sequel to 'Baby, Baby', Max and Jenny struggle with the pressures of work and family life. Jenny s heart is in genetic research. Max is everyone s idea of the caring family doctor. And then there are the kids... And whacky stepsister Daze ... plus surfer turned priest David, Ruth the childminder...and a scientific conference ... As they build their careers and raise their children, can these two young professionals rely on their values to guide them? Is life a deluding maze, or a purposeful labyrinth?

Buy the book from Hodge Publishing and £1 from every sale goes to Médicins sans Frontieres 

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Poems in The Secret Garden by Ros Hayes

A small volume of devotional poems to help you express worship to God when your own words run out.

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Sailing in Deep Waters by Ros Bayes

These short chapters are a collection of blog posts written over a period of about 18 months. They chart different aspects of my journey with God, and the ways in which I have discovered Him during a difficult time in my life.

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Tales from The Jesse Tree by Amy Robinson

Follow the Jesse Tree this Advent in your school, at church or at home with this guide to storytelling and the Christian story.
25 Bible stories, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas Day. Each story is accompanied by notes, tips, storytelling techniques and a video available online.
Whether you work through the stories in order or dip in every now and then, in school, as a family or at church, enjoy discovering the art of storytelling and the wonder of the Jesse Tree tales together.

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Walking With Old Testament Women by Fiona Stratta

The world of the Old Testament can seem remote, yet if we take a meditative approach to reading its stories, we can find ourselves connecting the people and events of those far-off centuries with our own lives. Walking with Old Testament Women follows the same imaginative, Ignatian-style approach as Fiona Stratta's well-received first book, Walking with Gospel Women. Taking twelve women characters, some familiar, some less-known, Fiona uses monologues and reflective questions to explore what their experiences can teach us today. Suitable for both group and individual use, the book offers a gentle introduction for those who have not encountered the stories before, but can also be a refreshing resource for those who feel they know the stories well.

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A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary by Donna Fletcher Crow

Felicity, an American woman studying for the priesthood in a monastery in Yorkshire, goes to a convent in Oxford to translate a Medieval Latin document for the sisters in spite of warnings of danger. Father Antony, her church history lecturer and fiancé, warns Felicity not to get into trouble, but it's hardly her fault that severed body parts start showing up in ancient holy reliquaries. Or that Felicity and one of the nuns are assaulted. 

The exultation of All Saints' Day plunges to the anguish of grief on All Souls' when Felicity encounters yet another body. Who will be the next victim of the murderer stalking the shadows of Oxford's hallowed shrines?

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The Comet's Tale by Michele Morrison

Join Jamie, an ordinary kid,  as he finds himself jumping through time to do battle with an evil empire and save his family from their clutches while safeguarding the future of mankind. 

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The making of Swallows and Amazons by Sophie Neville

In 1973, Sophie Neville was cast as Titty alongside Virginia McKenna, Ronald Fraser and Suzanna Hamilton in the movie ‘Swallows & Amazons’. 

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Love and Off The Beaten Track  by F. Linday

Love - Short story about the issues and heartbreak surrounding miscarriage 

Off the Beaten Track - Short story raising awareness of child abuse

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A Shed in a Cucumber Field by Sue Russell

Two sisters. One secret. Broken lives. Bel and Vic haven't spoken for twenty eight years. Thrown together by circumstance, they face painful truths. Can they accept and forgive? Can the past be healed?

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Come, Stay, Celebrate by Judith Gallium Pex

The story of the Shelter Hostel in Eilat, Israel

Available now.

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Being Miss by Fran Hill

A hilarious look at a day in the life of a harassed school teacher. 

Now available for the first time in Paperback

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The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams

Fiona Harper 

Could you help another woman propose to the man you’re falling in love with? 

Available now!

Buddhism in the Light of Christ

by Esther Baker

A Former Buddhist Nun’s Reflections, with Some Helpful Suggestions on How to Reach Out to Your Buddhist Friends.

Available Now!

The End of the World and what Jesus has to say about it  by Michele Neal

In her new book about the end times, Michele Neal addresses the serious reality that the destiny of half-hearted Christians is in jeopardy.

Thought for the Day  by Julie Loxley

A collection of short, often humorous 'thoughts for the day' first Broadcast on BBC Radio Bristol. Available from Amazon now!

Billy and Ben on the Farm  by Marian Bythell

Marian's new children's book - her first in colour - is three illustrated short stories about the naughty twins Billy and Ben. Available from Amazon now!

Baby, Baby                  by Mari Howard

Shortlisted for the People's Book Prize, Baby, Baby is a story of the domestic-scale conflict of subcultures in our society. Vote for Baby, Baby by clicking here!

Death be Not Proud     by C.F. Dunn

The sequel to the highly regarded Mortal Fire and the second in the trilogy The Secret of the Journal

Available on Amazon now!

Jamie Tales                  by Marian Bythell

Four new Jamie Tales, written in rhyme. As usual, Jamie is spilling over with energy and fun.
More information available here

Dimensions of the Spirit by Eric Middleton

First-hand encounters and experiences of healing in the Holy Spirit, with new insights from post-modern science.

Available from Amazon or IVP

The Heavenly Road Trip by Fiona Linday

A mini collection of hopeful short stories, dealing with life's journey and important decisions made on the way.

Available on Amazon & iTunes

Come on Church! Wake up! by Michele Neal

Through a retelling of a painful personal experience, Michele Neal exhorts us to examine our lives and make ourselves ready for Jesus' return.

Available on Amazon now!

A Christmas Letter         by Fiona Harper

Fiona’s 15th book is part of a trilogy about three sisters, three letters and one scheming grandmother who’s determined to make her girls remember the magic of Christmas!

Kiss me under the mistletoe by Fiona Harper

Fiona’s first longer novel is about a WAG who suddenly finds herself husbandless. Can the diary of a Fifties movie star help her work out who to be next?

It's just you and me, Lord by Marion Stroud

Everyday prayers for a woman's life.

Available on Amazon.

Why Religions Work    by Eleanor Stoneham

A free-thinking scientific Christian author rebukes militant atheists, defends all religions and offers refreshingly new ideas for building religious tolerance. Available to pre-order from Amazon now!

Inside Grief  by Kathy (O'Brien) Laity

Providing hope and help for the grieving and those who care for them. Now into its second edition.

Available on Amazon now!

Marriages of Destiny   by Philip & Kathy Laity

Written for single Christians who desire to be married. An encouraging and humorous book.

Available on Amazon now!

Walking with Gospel Women by Fiona Stratta

refreshing and inspiring way into Bible study, using meditative monologues based around many of the women of the gospels.

David and the Giant by Fiona Veitch Smith

Fiona's 3rd book in the Young David picture book series is available from Christian bookshops, Amazon & Crafty Publishing.

The Eye of the Beholder by M. A. Lucas

Ten short stories, each based on a famous painting.

Available on Amazon now!

Shaping the Heart           by Pamela Evans

Reflections on spiritual formation and fruitfulness.

Available on paperback from Amazon and

Mortal Fire                      by Claire Dunn

Claire's highly-praised debut novel, published by Lion, is an absorbing thriller and the first in a series. It is available in paperback and on Kindle now. A sample can be read at

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Forgetful Heart by Lucy Mills

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A life less lost by KB Walker

Once Removed  by KB Walker

Enemy Lines by Fiona Veitch Smith

He Never Let Go by Lynda Alsford

A Sunny Day by Wendy Sparkes

Journeying with Abraham by Joe Lenton

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