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New Life: Creative approaches to Lent

An ACW anthology

The ACW is hoping to publish members’ contributions in a Lent book, produced at the beginning of 2018. This is how it will work:

Members of ACW (the organisation, not the Facebook group; to join, go to have until August 20th to apply to be a part of the Lent Book project. This involves sending a sample of up to 300 words of your writing to [email protected] to be considered by the Lent Book committee. This can be your best 300 words on any subject; it is not for inclusion in the book, but to give us an idea of your favoured style and genre.

Please send your 300 word sample as an attachment to the e-mail, rather than pasting it into the body of the e-mail. This will ensure that it can be saved in a folder with the others, and that no entries will get lost.

Between August 20th and September 1st, the committee will select 40 people to be included in this year’s Lent book. Each of those people will be sent a Bible verse/verses on the theme of New Life. This verse will be your inspiration for an entry to the book: 40 entries, one for each day of Lent, offering the reader 40 different creative approaches on the theme of New Life.

You will then have until the last day of October to write your entry on your given Bible verse. You will be asked to write no more than 1000 words, and these words can be anything inspired by the verse and theme: a poem, a devotional, a short story, a retelling of the passage, a blog-style article: wherever your talent lies!

You will also be asked for a biography of no more than 50 words to follow your contribution in the book.

The articles will be collated, proof-read, edited and prepared for print by the Lent Book committee, with the aim that the book will be ready at the beginning of January. Contributors will be able to order and purchase copies of the book at a special price through ACW, which will then allow you to make a profit by selling them at the cover price, or to distribute them in any way you wish. There is no obligation to buy.

The book will be distributed by the ACW at events, and will hopefully be featured in reviews and magazines, as well as offered to booksellers both this year (locally) and next year (on a larger scale). Although we are regrettably unable to offer payment or royalties for inclusion in this book, we hope that ACW members will see it as a good opportunity for publication and publicity, as well as an additional way to support and be supported by the ACW. If this project is successful, we hope to repeat it before too long, providing further opportunities.

ACW Writers Day - London

7th October, 2017, 10 am to 4 pm

The Friendship Centre, Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8EP

Guest Speakers: Glen and Emma Scrivener

'Telling God's stories' (Glen Scrivener)

"Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic" says JK Rowling. Why is this so? How should we use them? Using prose, poetry and video, Glen will help us explore: the origin of story, the flow of creativity, the magic of words, the beauty of truth and the strange journey home.

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ACW has negotiated discounted affiliate rates for members, for the Society ofAuthors in Scotland Conference 22-24th September. 

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London Writers Day

London Writers Day

Welcome to the Association of Christian Writers : inspirational events, effective resources and professional advice for writers who are Christians.

Whether you’re a beginner or a published writer, we can offer you fellowship and support, useful advice and information, networking opportunities and access to publishers and editors and the exclusive members area of the website.

There are also a number of ACW events throughout the year. These include writers days, where Christian writers can get together, hear from experts in the field, and discuss all aspects of writing and publishing. Fellowship with other like minded Christians is also an important part of these days. It is widely rumoured they are also a lot of fun, with copious amounts of cake being consumed.

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